Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality workplace

What is Virtual Reality (VR)?

Virtual Reality (VR) is an interactive sensory immersive technology that uses a combination of a special headset or goggles, also known as a head mounted display (HMD), and possibly sensory gloves or another sensory user input device, with a computer generated simulation (software) to project a virtual experience into the goggles. 

Unlike Augmented Reality which adds digital images to a user’s real field of vision, VR completely replaces a person’s visual reality with alternative images and other sensory inputs such as sounds to create the virtual experience. The software serves virtual images to the user’s HMD and the user responds to what they see with their eyes, and if applicable, their gloves. The software tracks the user’s eye and hand movements and adjusts thereby making the virtual appear real to the user. Many users transition from reality to virtual reality within seconds because the experience is completely immersive.