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When creating a virtual assistant chatbot, it is important to know the platform you want to use to take the most advantage of your market. As an immigration law firm, EXEO knew their future clients were looking for them on Facebook and could answer a lot of their pre-call questions by utilizing their messenger service. The questions asked for each application can be quite a time consuming and repetitive process, making a virtual assistant chatbot the perfect solution to saving time and clients money. Working with BotsCrew, they were able to develop the first Canadian Immigration Virtual Assistant Chatbot.

Virtual Assistant Chatbots create ease for clients to make sure they are heading in the right direction, without waiting on hold.

EXEO is a law firm based out of Montreal, Quebec, Canada and provides top-notch immigration services and years of experience. The motto at EXEO is Immigration Made Simple and could be more simple than having the answers at your fingertips. Whether it for work, study or visiting, they will help you discover your A to Z’s of immigration. A true team of professionals ready to help, including their new virtual assistant chatbot.

EXEO deals with many legal issues concerning business immigration, including which programs they would be able to apply for. These questions can be quite time consuming for someone already short on time. They needed a way to optimize the process of the first 15 minutes of a conversation with a lawyer. When looking at their data they realized a large portion of their new clients were coming from Facebook; an easy way to answer a large portion of repetitive questions and keeping lawyers available to start new files.

64% of internet users say 24-hour service is the best feature of chatbots.

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Knowing they wanted their virtual assistant chatbot to be based on Facebook Messenger EXEO hired experts in the chatbot development area. The chatbot would need to answer FAQs and provide any information covering the process that would be required to immigrate to the country. They knew just what they wanted and studied their United States competitors to make sure they created the most superior virtual assistant chatbot in the industry.

Training and testing were important steps in the creation of the IVA. The Q&A team aimed to make the chatbot flawless and provide a clean product.

BotsCrew is the global leader in Chatbots Development with offices in London, UK, and Lviv, Ukraine. Founded in 2016, BotsCrew designs and develops custom AI chatbots to help small and medium enterprises bring stellar customer experience to their markets.

Creating the first virtual assistant chatbot for Canadian Law Immigration was a process of creation and testing, using rich AI chatbot building experience. The BotsCrew team was focused on developing a chatbot flow as simple and understandable as possible, especially since the immigration process itself is already confusing.

Thousands of engaged users connected with the IVA and over 200 questions were answered, creating a massive database and more time saved, in fact, 83% of questions asked were answered by the virtual assistant chatbot.

“BotsCrew created value at the very first communication with us.”


BotsCrew provided advice and professional recommendations to EXEO based on rich AI chatbot building experience and the newest market trends. The team developed a chatbot with great NLP abilities and a smooth UX design. EXEO provided all required content and helped BotsCrew with designing the user experience. Their UX designer’s target was to make the chatbot flow as simple and understandable as possible. Using Skype and email to always be connected.

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