The digital marketing industry has rapidly expanded over the last decade, and now, more than ever, it’s becoming difficult to differentiate your agency from all the others. You have quality writers, designers, strategists, editors and project managers, which is already enough to set you above the competition in terms of products and services delivered.

But how do you communicate that value to new customers? What can you do to put yourself on the next level of digital marketing prowess, in order to make it clear that your digital marketing agency is the one to hire?

Set Your Agency Apart with Voice Search Marketing Services

According to Gartner, 30% of all online browsing in 2020 will be conducted on a device without a screen. That means smart speakers, home assistants and even Apple AirPods will be the devices that search for things online; not a user typing a question into Google.

A large part of digital marketing revolves around search engine optimization (SEO) and staying on top of the latest algorithm changes from the powers that be at Google. The rise of voice search will mean that some of your current keyword-finding practices and tools will need to adapt to how people speak to their devices versus how they type things into Google.

Depending on the tools you currently use for SEO, you may be lucky and find that some of them will have already started incorporating longer-tail keywords that correspond to a full question asked verbally. But, be sure to do your due diligence and test this out in the backend of your tools. Even if the search volume isn’t as high as you’d typically like on a keyword, consider writing content for your clients using voice search phrases.

You want to be providing services to your current and prospective clients faster than they think they need them. Because as soon as everyone is asking for something, it’s already a bit crowded out there, and the early adopters have already won.

Be an Early Adopter of All Facets of Voice Search Marketing

Above and beyond your SEO strategy for your clients’ websites, blogs and other online platforms, you’ll need to think outside the box to figure out this new avenue of voice search marketing before your competitors. 

Voice Search Marketing

There are a few different avenues to consider, depending on your clientele. First, is there an Alexa Skill that you could create to help your clients’ customers or prospects? Just like you create content to help customers throughout their journey, can some of the content you’ve already written be translated into a voice-driven Alexa Skill?

For example, if your client is a large producer of personal care products, could you create an Alexa Skill that helps people decide what product is best for their skin type? 

Another example might be for a SaaS company, where you create an Alexa Skill that helps prospects determine if the feature they need is included in their software solution. You can even use existing content you’ve created and tweak it so that the voice-generated questions with longer-tail keywords will be the first response delivered by a voice assistant. For instance, one blog you’ve written was titled: “How To Find the Best CRM for Family Business.” The keyword you optimized for was “CRM for family business.” But to take that one step further, you should write another blog that uses the keywords commonly asked by voice “How do I find the best CRM for my family business?”

The possibilities are endless when it comes to creating content for voice search marketing purposes. And the sooner you start creating content, measuring metrics and getting results for your clients, the sooner you can leverage those testimonials to acquire additional customers. 

Boost Your Clients’ Digital Presence with New Technologies

While embracing voice search marketing might be cutting-edge enough for your agency to acquire some killer new clients, you could take this one step further. 

In marketing, providing personalized service to clients is key. Another platform that can translate easily to voice is the chatbot. Your clients may even have chatbots already working for them on their e-commerce website or to provide help with FAQs. The platform has already been created, and with the help of conversational artificial intelligence (AI) it continues to deliver better service.

Why not have your developers or technology contractors provide that same service on a voice search platform? Or see if you can leverage the data you’re collecting from a chatbot to better inform your current marketing strategy. Chatbots collect so much data, and even if you didn’t develop the chatbot for your client, you could ask them to provide you with the insights to better direct your efforts. 

On the subject of chatbot development, did you know you can partner with a chatbot consultant to deliver this technology to your clients as a lucrative value-added service?

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