WhatsApp is used by two billion people worldwide on a monthly basis. That’s almost twice the monthly active users on Facebook Messenger. With the greatest global reach, it’s no surprise that WhatsApp chatbots are also on the rise. 

WhatsApp Chatbots Poised to Partner with NGOs

In addition to overall users, WhatsApp dominates the marketplace in certain locales around the globe. For instance, the countries with the most WhatsApp users are:

  1. India 
  2. Brazil
  3. USA
  4. Indonesia
  5. Mexico

NGOs (or non-governmental organizations, which are non-profit organizations) could strategically leverage the power of WhatsApp chatbots to communicate with people all over the world, but especially in the countries above that are heavy users of the app. Users are already familiar with the interface, and when an organization offers communication on the platform, barriers to communication and understanding are broken. 

Riaz Jogiyat, who is a business development expert, with extensive experience in data mining, conversational AI and NGOs, provided insight on how chatbots could serve NGOs: 

“If a chatbot is the tool that gets people to engage and communicate more, while balancing privacy, then I believe the potential is there for NGOs to make faster and more impactful decisions.”

WhatsApp Chatbots

The Power of WhatsApp Chatbots in Aiding NGOs

Depending on the countries that NGOs operate in, WhatsApp may be an untapped source of communication and data. In developing countries, communicating with key actors can be difficult. Technological and language barriers exist, and gathering information can be arduous. But in addition to that, the data that is collected often sits unused, when it could be put to task for the betterment of the countries it was collected in. Here’s how chatbots could be used to tackle both these issues.

  1. Contextual Information Gathering using WhatsApp Chatbots

Gathering information on the ground can take tremendous resources. Deploying a chatbot is a cost-effective way for NGOs to collect information, by way of surveys, answering questions, and conversing with the local population. A chatbot can even be developed such that it recognizes the language of the person and automatically responds in kind. Imagine the savings on interpreters and personnel gathering information live.

An example that Mr. Jogiyat considers to be prime for chatbot deployment is in the flow of communication between different actions of trade agreements. When evaluating the entire ecosystem of, say, a farming industry, its export and trade agreements, the chatbot could facilitate communication between:

  • Government agencies
  • Farmers
  • Businesses
  • Customers

Knowing that WhatsApp is easily picked up by populations around the world, it’s the natural choice for an NGO chatbot platform. Any actor with a mobile phone and access to the internet can connect easily and interact with the bot to get questions answered, to provide information, and to learn about any developments.

  1. Power of WhatsApp Chatbots Is also in the Insights

Once data has been collected by a chatbot, it’s ripe for mining. In fact, a recent study delved into data collected by NGOs within health policy and systems to find that it could be used as a primary data source to enable research in under-researched and marginalized groups. In conflict-affected areas and developing nations, it’s difficult for academics to perform research, but by developing partnerships with NGOs to improve data collection, research efforts could start to have a real impact on marginalized populations.

If a chatbot was used in the studies and data collection, the analysis of the data from people in the developing nation would be much easier. Chatbots can be designed to incorporate data analysis and information dashboards customized to the research desired. Build the chatbot on WhatsApp, which is used heavily in some developing nations, and the reach would be even greater, allowing for research efforts and improvements in health policy to be directed where truly needed. 

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Harness WhatsApp Chatbots the Right Way

As Riaz Jogiyat points out, security is still one of the concerns when it comes to deploying technology in an NGO. But experts in the chatbot realm know exactly how to build a chatbot that is secure and compliant. A Chatbot Consultant can also help ensure a chatbot is built by a team that has experience with large-scale WhatsApp rollouts. 

If you’re wondering how to get started with a chatbot for an NGO, reach out to one of our experts today.

Data-driven business insights allow you to make strategic business decisions that could give you a distinct competitive advantage. You can glean a surprising amount of strategic business insights from conversational AI chatbots.

An example of a strategic business insight might be that customers often say a competitor’s product is of higher quality. You could obtain these insights from social media, reviews, and even direct contact with customers. But that’s a ton of work. 

AI (or artificial intelligence), using machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP), can help you collect data and show you trends like above, saving time and money. All you have to do is review the insights and develop an action plan to address the opportunity you’ve identified. 

Don’t forget: insights don’t all have to be actionable to have value. Sometimes insights can confirm your theories. Data collected from a chatbot can also give you critical feedback on whether your strategies are working. 

How Do Chatbots Lead to Strategic Business Insights? 

Chatbots collect considerable data through their conversations with your customers. You can mine this data to find out: 

  • what questions your customers ask, 
  • what suggestions they have, 
  • what they want from your products, 
  • and what issues they have most frequently.
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Let’s look at a simple example. If a restaurant chain has a chatbot, and customers are frequently asking about gluten-free, vegetarian, or vegan options, it could be lucrative for the brand to start adding items to their menu in these categories. Chatbot data can reveal potential future business avenues your team may not have determined on their own.

How Chatbots Help Your Customer Service Strategy

Chatbot data can show you trends in customer issues, from when they’re most likely to occur to the most common complaints, as well as the cause of problems. You can also collect data on customer intent when they are interacting with the bot. You’ll understand at what point during the conversation is the customer getting more or less annoyed or angry. You can then tweak your process to direct those customers to a human representative, and you can look at adjusting your chatbot’s responses to serve customers better.

Even simple interactions with your chatbot can reveal trends about your customers. If your chatbot regularly gets the question: “what location is closest to me?” it might be worth surveying customers for postal codes. Maybe there’s an opportunity for expanding your business to a location you hadn’t thought of previously.

As a bonus, chatbots can also improve your employee experience because they can quickly answer straightforward questions like “when are you open?” This gives your customer service reps more time to deal with more complex questions or problems. It also eliminates repetitive work that can frustrate employees. 

How Chatbots Can Help Your Marketing Strategy

Chatbots are a perfect complement to an inbound marketing strategy. Your content gets people interested and builds trust, while the chatbot is the first friendly and immediately available point of contact. Your chatbot can also provide further information about the items your customers are looking at and can collect their contact details if they’d like to speak to someone. Chatbots could even book appointments with human staff members. 

Chatbot data can show you what information your marketing content is missing by offering you the most frequently asked questions. You can also find out what frustrates your customers and causes them to leave a chatbot conversation without purchasing a product or resolving an issue. Trends identified can lead to a strategy to reach out to these customers with a special offer or discount to get them back as customers. 

How Chatbots Can Help Improve Your Sales Procedures

Chatbots can also lend a hand to your sales department. Similar to your marketing strategies and customer service, chatbots can help save time for your sales team as well. Strategically designed chatbots, especially when integrated with a CRM, could collect contact information and pre-qualify leads for your team to contact. 

A chatbot can also collect the data your CRM needs and fill in the details after a conversation. Think about the time your sales team could save if the first discovery call was effectively completed by a chatbot asking the right questions. Suddenly, your sales strategy can be more tailored to the prospect in question when the first in-person call is made. 

Strategic Business Insights
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Depending on the industry you are in, you might have a chatbot that assists customers in making purchases online. The data collected can help you to change up your sales pages, forms and overall layout to make the experience better for customers. You’ll know from a chatbot when people ask questions, get confused and need assistance. The data from sales bots will help teams and leaders develop the next generation of even more intuitive online shopping experiences. 

Get Strategic Business Insights from Conversational AI

If you have an online business where customers can contact you via your website, on a messenger app or even through a call centre, you will benefit from integrating conversational AI into your business model. The insights gathered from the wealth of data collected are priceless. And as the chatbot continues to improve, the detailed and nuanced data being gathered will continue to direct your strategies in the years to come.

Curious about how you could tap into critical metrics and data analysis in an easy-to-use chatbot dashboard? Book a quick call with one of our consultants today!