Internal Chatbots

By now, most of us have had some sort of experience with chatbots as a consumer. Whether it was through your cable company when you wanted new channels, or you were requesting an instruction manual for your new kettle. And while we can all see the benefit of chatbots from a customer service perspective, there is also great potential for chatbots to be used internally within a company to further harness digital transformation. 

What is Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation is integrating digital technology into all areas of a business, which, done properly, can change how you operate and deliver customers value. It requires companies to get comfortable with experimentation and facing the requirement for failure, iteration and improvement.

However, it’s important to note that typically a digital transformation has an external focus, so in order to have a true, cyclical digital transformation, your company needs to embrace Enterprise Service Management (ESM).

Enterprise Service Management

Enterprise Service Management (ESM) is the process of digitizing and coordinating high-tech initiatives across an entire company in order to fuel innovation, agility, collaboration, and scalability. Oftentimes CEOs are so externally focused that they miss what is right in front of them – there are immense cost savings that come with focusing internally. In order to enable a digital transformation, ESM can do the following:

– Clarify services
– Identify improvement opportunities
– Improve control and governance
– Automate 

Internal Chatbots

How Can Internal Chatbots Be Used for ESM?

Internal chatbots will still have all the features of external ones (sharing resources, fact-finding flows, and dealing with FAQs). But internal chatbots will be exclusively by employees. There are a variety of ways that internal chatbots can be put to work for ESM efforts in organizations:

Complete Daily Tasks: Chatbots help complete menial tasks by dealing with simple yet important problems. Some of these tasks may include dealing with timesheets, booking meetings, and requesting time off. And of course, those tasks pile up quickly when the employees responsible are on holiday or call in sick. Internal chatbots can help employees to significantly decrease the amount of time spent on these simple tasks by doing the work for them. The result is that the organization gains efficiency through automating these processes, and when done thoughtfully, the process is streamlined and consistent across the organization.

Handle Sensitive Issues: Whether you are dealing with tax information, employee/HR issues, or innovative product development, you want to protect data and privacy. Chatbots can include Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption, two-factor or multi-factor authentication (MFA), and cookies that can ensure that no one can view, alter or steal communications

Empowering Physical Robots: It’s happening – and not just in the movies. Internal chatbots make way for the potential to use physical robots in your workflow. So whether it’s seating a meeting guest or giving a plant tour, robots can change the way we work. (And as a bonus, using robots in your workplace has the ability to reduce 35% of work days lost to injury!)

5 Benefits to AI-Powered Internal Chatbots

Powering up your internal communication using artificial intelligence brings the following benefits: 

1. Chatbots are an Easy Touchpoint: We have all written that email and waited what seems like hours for a response. An internal chatbot does away with that type of time wasting. As soon as an employee asks the question, they have access to the answer when a chatbot is put in place. 

2. Employees are Already using Chat Apps: Your employees are chatting all day because it is quick, easy and it produces results. In fact, by April 2020, 2 billion (with a b!) people were using the WhatsApp messenger service on a monthly basis. Incorporating this type of technology into a standard workflow won’t be a huge adjustment for anyone, meaning maximum adoption rates and ROI.

3. Chatbots fit into Everyone’s Schedule: Now more than ever your employees are working when it’s convenient for them. So whether it’s an employee working after her kids go to bed, or an early riser getting a head start, no one will have to do without the information they need. Chatbots don’t require the sleep that humans do, making themselves valuable 24 hours a day.

4. Chatbots Provide an Online Paper Trail:  Some days it feels like there is a never-ending amount of paperwork to deal with. Whether it’s insurance forms, expense claims, or notes from your latest pitch. Internal chatbots can provide these forms, track compliance with certain processes, and make it easier to complete them, without errors.

5. New Team Members Will Be Supported: Remember when you were the new employee that felt completely out of the loop? With internal chatbots, everything new team members need to know is within their reach. This will be beneficial to you as well because the sooner everyone understands your business’s goals, the quicker you can get to smashing them!

Internal Chatbots

Chatbots Are the Way of the Future – Don’t Get Left Behind

There are a variety of ways you can use chatbots (internally and externally). Be the forward-thinking change agent in your organization and cast a vision for digital transformation today. The potential use cases are truly endless, from HR enablement to IT process automation and more.  

Are you wondering how you can incorporate an internal chatbot into your company to help with streamlining your processes? Get in touch with one of our team members today or check out more articles on our blog to learn more.

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