Why I Started The ChatC Group

I have two passions – emerging technology and solving business problems. Enterprises want to implement emerging technology to solve business problems, but they’re often unsure about HOW or WHERE to find the right people to do the job. What if businesses could sit down with someone without bias – someone with expertise in emerging technology whose sole focus was to help navigate and accelerate the procurement and implementation process?

I started The ChatC Group to guide, support, and lead businesses through the innovative world of emerging technology with confidence.

Coming from a background in finance and procurement, I understand that research, careful analysis, and due diligence is an absolute requirement for qualifying and selecting technology vendors. With so many exciting ideas, use cases and problems to solve, finding the right people in the shortest time and with the least risk is critical. The ChatC Group’s mission is twofold – find and vet the best emerging technology vendors around the world and help businesses procure and implement this technology efficiently.

I want leaders, decision-makers, and innovators considering VR, AR, or chatbot technology to feel comfortable and confident about their emerging technology journey. I want to give them their valuable time back and I want to connect businesses to the right talent so they can get their projects started!

Jennifer Etchegary

Founder & Principal Consultant