Digital Marketing Chatbots

When you propose digital marketing products, packages and strategy to your clients, what sets your offering apart from the competition? Every marketing firm has its own strengths, but in an industry that is constantly changing (hello, Google and Instagram algorithms), what’s the next big thing on the horizon that you can begin to offer before your competition?

Digital Marketing Chatbots Offer Unparalleled Customer Insights

Customers are savvy. They want to know how you can improve their bottom line with your marketing efforts, and they are looking for metrics to confirm your success. Many digital marketing firms offer analytics on social media campaigns, Google SEO improvements and leads captured from their websites. But how does all of this translate into sales?

It’s difficult to connect website SEO improvements and social media insights to changes in overall sales with large, complex brands. All of these pieces are obviously important to a long-term marketing strategy, but they can feel like thankless tasks that brands don’t value, because of the disconnection between marketing and sales.

One innovative way to connect your marketing efforts to sales on a campaign is through the use of a digital marketing chatbot. Deploying a well-designed chatbot on a client’s website helps to build relationships with prospects and customers. Not only are you building relationships, you are collecting an expanding set of data that can help you truly understand your client’s customer persona in a unique (and efficient) way. 

Digital Marketing Chatbots

For example, Tommy Hilfiger was quick to use a conventional AI chatbot to build relationships with its online customers. When the brand made its NYC Fashion Week collection available through its chatbot, it gained 3.5 times as much revenue as other digital avenues. Now there’s a stat you can take to your clients with confidence.

Adding Digital Marketing Chatbots to Your Roster is Lucrative

Perhaps you’re well-versed in chatbot technology, but weren’t sure if you could add it to your list of services and still make money off of it. A marketing chatbot that uses conversational AI to continue to deliver insights on customer behaviour is a long term asset for your marketing firm. Not only will it allow you to fill out your customer personas better and therefore speak more clearly to them, but a marketing chatbot continues to improve, deliver greater value to your clients as the AI technology improves, and its built-in analytics save your team time on gathering insights.

Additionally, you can partner with an experienced group of consultants, who will manage the project, ensure efficient and successful development, and will make sure the right subject matter experts are involved. These consultants can also help you to make the business case for a marketing chatbot with your clients in a way that’s mutually beneficial to your firm and your end client.

Digital Marketing Chatbots

You can pitch the digital marketing chatbot as an innovative way for a brand to operate, setting it apart from the competition. You’ll also be seen as forward-thinking, and with each new chatbot deployment, you’ll also become experts in how to leverage the chatbot for maximum ROI. 

Curious about how you can partner with chatbot consultants to offer bots to your client? Get in touch with us to learn more.

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