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Why Enterprises Are Investing in Custom Chatbot Solutions

Just like any digital solution, chatbot solutions are available in varying levels of complexity and customization. Chatbots range from simple decision-tree-based architectures to fully customized conversational AI-powered solutions. And while there are many inexpensive options in the marketplace, you might be wondering why enterprise is investing upfront in a custom chatbot solution. 5 Reasons Enterprises […]

Chatbots for HR: 5 Ways Conversational AI Can Assist Your HR Team

Human resources (HR) is a non-revenue generating department, but they’re also the heartbeat of an organization. Their work in recruiting, retention, training and so much more is undeniably central to a business’s success.  Other departments have little trouble getting the technology they need to support their function because they can prove the bottom line benefits. […]

How an Internal Finance Chatbot Can Boost Customer Experience

Financial plans are important documents and take a substantial amount of time to create and communicate to the customer. But, should they really take that long from start to finish? The answer might surprise you in this article comparing two very different banks. To showcase how a finance chatbot could revolutionize customer experience, this article […]

AI for Contact Centres: How To Put It In Place Most Effectively

Google has been supporting enterprises with a whole host of productivity-enhancing software for years now. From Gmail to Google Docs to Hangouts and your Google Drive, it’d be difficult for many of us to live without their tools. But did you know that Google is also heavily invested in technology for niche markets?  And, did […]

How Chatbots Can Improve Access to Education in Emerging Markets

The business use cases for chatbots are nearly endless, but there are also interesting and impactful ways that chatbots can be used for social good around the world. In particular, our favourite technology is a fantastic medium for improving access to much-needed education in emerging international markets. Smartphone vs. Laptop Usage in Emerging Markets In […]